How to Refill Gas Canisters


Gas canisters are used to transport gasoline to a vehicle that has run out of gas, or they may be used to store gasoline for use in a generator, lawn mower, power washer or another gas-powered device. Since gasoline is very combustible, you must use extreme care when filling, transporting and handling a gas canister.

Things You'll Need

  • Gas canister
  • Wet wipes
  • Empty the gas canister completely before transporting it to the gas station. You can use any remaining gasoline in your car or lawnmower, for instance.

  • Pay for your gasoline purchase at the pump or inside the gas station store. You can estimate the cost by multiplying the gas price by the number of gallons held in the canister.

  • Remove the gas canister from your vehicle and place the empty gas canister on the ground in front of the gas pump.

  • Discharge any static electricity by touching a nearby object (like your vehicle), then remove the gas can cap and spout.

  • Locate the "fill line" on the side of the gas canister. You cannot fill a gas canister to the very top, as it will result in leakage.

  • Select the gasoline grade, place the entire gas pump nozzle inside the gas container and begin pumping. Continue pumping until the pump automatically stops. This occurs when you've run out of money or when the level of the gas reaches the tip of the pump nozzle.

  • Reposition the pump nozzle inside the gas can so it's at the same level as the fill line. Resume pumping the gas, but pump it at a slower rate by applying less pressure to the trigger. Continue until the pump shuts off (this will occur when you run out of money or once the gas reaches the level of the nozzle).

  • Remove the pump nozzle from the gas can and replace it in the holder. Replace the gas can cap, ensuring it's screwed on tightly.

  • Wipe the gas can exterior with a wet wipe to remove any drips of gasoline.

  • Place the gas can inside your vehicle in a location where it will not tip over while the car is in motion. On the floor between the passenger seat and the dashboard is a good spot.

  • Go inside the gas station store to retrieve your change (if applicable).

  • Drive home (or to the final destination for the gas canister) without making any unnecessary stops and immediately remove the gas canister from the vehicle. It's dangerous to transport a highly combustible substance like gasoline.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may need to open your vehicle's windows to ventilate the fumes from the gas container.
  • Never place a gas canister in the bed of your truck. As the gas canister moves over the bed liner, static electricity can result; this can spark an explosion.
  • Never smoke while filling or transporting a gas canister.
  • Never fill a gas canister while it's inside your vehicle.
  • Never place gasoline inside a random container; you must use an actual gas canister.
  • Never leave a gas container inside your vehicle, especially in the heat.
  • Never "top off" a gas canister; this can cause an explosion if the gasoline and vapors are left without room to expand.

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