How to Pose for a Picture and Look Slim

Take pictures from above to make the subject appear slim.
Take pictures from above to make the subject appear slim. (Image: Images)

Thanks to digital cameras and social networking, your picture is everywhere. So is everyone else's, giving rise to the realization that there are a lot of really bad photographs out there. Although it is said that the camera can add 10 lbs. to your frame, in some cases it looks like 20 or 30. You may find yourself wishing you hadn't posed for pictures at all. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make sure you look slim and beautiful in photographs, removing any self-consciousness.

Relax. No matter what the pose, you'll always look happier and healthier if you relax, regardless of your weight. Hire a clown, or better yet, pinky swear with your photographer to delete any less-than-stellar images to reduce your anxiety.

Lean into it. The worst thing you can to is put your belly front and center on display. If you're sitting, scoot to the front of the chair and lean forward a bit. If you're standing, tuck in your tummy and lean forward from the waist. Make sure to keep your back straight - you don't want to look like a hunchback.

Angle your body. Taking a photo straight on emphasizes width. Turn just slightly so that your shoulders are at a 45-degree angle.

Straighten clothing. Make sure your shirt and pants aren't wrinkled. They should form a smooth line over your body to de-emphasize bumps and bulges.

Drop your chin. You're looking for a nice space between your neck and chin - not too high, and not too low. For most people, this is just a bit lower than you think it should be. Straighten your shoulders, hold your head high, then drop your chin about 1/2 inch.

Hold it out. Put your hands on your hips, or just make sure to hold your arms away from the body as they hang. This keeps any chubbiness from flattening out and looking pudgy.

Aim down. If at all possible, have the photographer stand above you so that the camera lens is angled downward. Even the slightest tilt can make a big difference.

Light it up. While it's counter intuitive, use the flash when it's bright out and turn it off in lower light to avoid shadows. Shadows exaggerate puffiness and can make under-eye bags look like steamer trunks.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't be afraid to try several shots. Experiment with poses and angles until you get a feel for what looks good. With a digital camera you can quickly see how a pose is or isn't working for you. More pictures mean more opportunities for beautiful successes.

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