How to Nail Cement Board Siding


Installing cement board siding can add greatly to the look of your home. It's a strong, durable material that has the look of wood panels without the cost. As well as looking like wood paneling, cement board siding installs in much the same layered way. By using the proper techniques you can turn a siding installation into a one-man job, nailing the panels quickly into place.

Things You'll Need

  • Starter strip
  • Nail gun
  • Roofing nails
  • Plastic strapping
  • Siding panels
  • Stainless steel ring-shank nails
  • Take a piece of plastic strapping formed into a loop large enough to hold a siding panel and nail it to the wall using a roofing nail. Position the strap so that it can hold the end of the siding panel in the final installation position.

  • Slip the left end of the siding panel into the strap loop, and hold the right end in place to ready it for nailing.

  • Use a nail gun to drive a nail into the right-hand corner of the siding to hold it into place. Move to the middle of the panel and drive a nail there. Work your way back down the siding panel to the right, nailing it in place at each of the wall studs until you've reached the end where you placed the first nail. Go back to the middle and work your way to the left end of the panel, nailing it into place, again at the wood stud placements in the wall. Cut the strap away and discard.

  • Continue the row with a new siding panel, installing the strap on the rightmost end of the panel at the butt joint where the new panel meets the panel that you've already nailed into place. Hold the left end of the panel for nailing.

  • Place a nail on the upper-left hand corner of the panel, then place one in the panel middle. Work your way to the left of the panel, driving the nails into the wall studs, and then return to the middle and work your way to the right, finishing the panel layer.

  • Continue the process until all siding has been installed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use nails that penetrate at least 1 inch through the siding, insulation and sheathing materials into the wall stud.
  • Drive the nail head snugly to the board; go too deep and you'll crush both the board and any foam backing, reducing the holding power of the nail.

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