How to Determine What Does a Ruptured Spleen Feel Like


What does a ruptured spleen feel like? It's not pleasant. This organ is filled with blood, so any rupture can actually create a big problem for your well being. Although most people will never have to ask themselves this question, the ones that do possibly have a serious problem. What does a ruptured spleen feel like?

  • Notice any pain in your abdomen, specifically the upper left quadrant. To determine what does a ruptured spleen feel like, you have to have experienced some sort of a physical blow to the torso. It won't just injure itself.

  • Touch your stomach. The area should be tender to the touch as well as painful inside. What does a ruptured spleen feel like? A severely painful tender mess.

  • Watch your vision. If you begin to feel light headed or even have blurry vision, it is a classic sign of what a ruptured spleen feel like. This means you could be losing a lot of blood inside your body.

  • Pay attention to your mental awareness. In fact, get someone you know to talk to you and make sure they believe you are not confused. What does a ruptured spleen feel like? When you lose enough blood, you get confused.

Tips & Warnings

  • A ruptured spleen is one of the most common injuries after a car accident. It is very serious.

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