How to fix an XBox 360 Error E71


One of the various errors you can encounter with an Xbox 360 is the E71 error. This is indicated by a single flashing red light in the bottom-right quadrant. The issue is generally caused by a failed dashboard/console update, which comes about from time to time via Xbox Live. Unlike the red ring of death (RROD), the E71 error is in no way related to overheating and is one of the least common problems facing 360 owners.

Things You'll Need

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Controller

Fixing E71 Error

  • Formatting your hard disk is a surefire way to rid your console of an E71 error. Take precautions, because this will completely erase all data from your Xbox 360 hard disk. This data can not be recovered. Start up your console without a disk in its tray. In the system section on the dashboard, go into the memory tab to view storage devices. Select the hard disk and press the "Y" button on your controller. In device options, select "format," and choose yes. Give your console a few moments to complete the process and do not turn off the power.

  • Restoring your console back to its original factory settings is another reliable way to rid your 360 of an E71 error. Turn on your console without a disk in its tray. In the dashboard, go into the system settings, which can be found in the Xbox 360 guide by pressing the guide button on your controller. Select console settings and scroll down to system info. Now press the button combination left trigger, right trigger, X, Y, left bumper, right bumper, Y, up, left and up. It might not work the first few times you attempt this combination, but keep the sequence even and do not rush your timing.

  • If the previous two steps do not rid your machine of the E71 error, you can always contact Microsoft by calling 1-800-4-MY-XBOX. Since the RROD epidemic, Microsoft has extended warranties on all Xbox 360 consoles an additional three years. When contacted, Microsoft will send out a prepaid box to ship your console out. The shipping process, along with the fixing of your machine, lasts approximately three to four weeks. It is best not to open the unit yourself, because this will permanently void your warranty. Endure the few weeks without your Xbox and you will be back to gaming in no time.

Tips & Warnings

  • While formatting the hard disk, do not power down your machine, because this might damage the hard disk.

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