How to Activate GPRS on My Nokia Mobile


Understanding the Nokia mobile phone GPRS connection is a simple process that anyone can follow. GPRS is the network signal that US mobile phone providers use for network operation. Nokia is a worldwide manufacturer of phones, PDAs and handhelds. A GPRS connection allows you to sends texts to friends, call your family, and dial in to your cell phone company's network.

Things You'll Need

  • Nokia cell phone

Nokia Reset to Turn On GPRS

  • Remove the back cover of your Nokia phone, and then pull the battery out of your phone while it is turned on.

    Note: If you experience network glitches, coverage issues, or crackling during a call, it is necessary to reset your phone to reconnect with the cell towers in your local area (which connect to GPRS).

  • Wait a good amount of time for a refresh (approximately 30 seconds), and then put the battery and back cover back on the device.

  • Hold down the red end or power button on the phone to turn it back on.

  • Very that a GPRS icon or text appears in the top indicator bar to make sure you have reconnected to the network and activated GPRS.

Change Network Bands to Activate GPRS

  • Access the phone's settings from the phone's main menu.

    Note: In countries outside North America, you typically need to use the 900-MHz/1800-MHz frequency to get a GPRS signal from one of the mobile providers.

  • Move through the menu to locate the network or network setup icon. This might be two clicks depending on your phone model (network > setup).

  • Click on "band" or "phone frequency" to open the menu with the band option.

  • Select the GPRS frequency option, for example, 850/1900, 900/1800 or "automatic" to have the phone choose the strongest band signal for you.

  • Press and hold down the power button to turn off the phone, and then turn it back on to re-establish the connection to the new band if you have connection issues.

Choose a Manual Network Connection to Turn On GPRS

  • Access the main menu on the phone to get to the settings menu.

  • Click the selection for "phone," and then usually there is a follow-up option to select "Operator selection" (based on your model of phone).

  • Select "Manual" to pick a new network to connect to (for international or roaming connections).

    Note: Select "Automatic" if you are having connection problems; this will automatically connect to the GPRS connection of your cell phone provider.

  • Verify that your Nokia phone establishes a connection with a network and that the phone works as expected.


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