How to Generate Quick Cash


If you suddenly need quick cash and your bank account and credit cards are unavailable, you can't borrow it from a friend or family member, and none of your neighbors have small jobs you can do to earn a few dollars, you will have to get creative.

Things You'll Need

  • List of your assets
  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Sign paper and markers

Raising Quick Cash

  • Decide how much cash you will need and for how long. The amount required and the length of time you will need to use it determines what you should do to raise that cash.

  • Take out a payday loan, but only if you can pay it off immediately. The interest rate on payday loans can be extremely high compared to credit card cash advances at rates of approximately 20% on the credit advances. In some cases you may be paying well over 100% in fees and interest for a payday loan.

  • Consider the list of your assets. With respect to how much money you need, what items you own can you part with? Some items such as gold can be sold easily and quickly.

  • Take jewelry and sterling silver tableware to a pawn shop. Some pawn shops will also loan against a vehicle or boat. You will have a choice of borrowing, using your item as collateral, or selling the item outright.

  • Sell larger items in a yard or garage sale. You can make signs and post them at nearby busy intersections the night before you intend to hold your yard sale.

  • List items in on or on eBay. Listing your items for sale on craigslist or eBay will take a bit longer but you may get a better prices. You will need to provide a picture of your item for eBay. Although not required for craigslist, a good picture can help make the sale.

Tips & Warnings

  • Furniture, tools, and appliances are often snapped up quickly at a yard sale. It helps to be able to list your yard sale on craigslist a local newspaper. Yard sales at the beginning of the month do better than those held at the end of the month because many people have just received their paychecks.
  • When using a pawn shop, you can get more money if you are willing to sell your item. During recessions, however, you may find it difficult to pawn or sell anything other than gold, silver or platinum items and tools. The time frame on a pawnshop loan is normally 4 months and the interest charged can vary from state to state. Make sure you ask about the terms before you sign the agreement. Never accept a personal check from someone you don't know. It is not difficult to go to an ATM or check cashing company to get cash, so always insist on being paid in cash.

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