How to Get All the Characters in Super Smash Bros Melee


The first thing any player of Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros. Melee" will want to do is unlock the various hidden characters. There are two basic ways to do this: finish a lot of versus matches or complete tasks in adventure mode.

Things You'll Need

  • GameCube
  • Memory card
  • One to four controllers
  • "Super Smash Bros. Melee"

Versus Matches

  • Set up a match between you and the computer.

  • Start the match and immediately jump off the stage.

  • Repeat 50 times and you will get Jigglypuff, 100 times and you'll get Dr. Mario, 200 times and you'll receive Pichu, 300 times and you will have Falco, 400 times and you' get Marth, 500 times and you get Young Link, 600 times and you'll have Ganondorf, 700 times and you earn Mewtwo, 800 times and you have Luigi, 900 times and you get Roy and 1,000 times and you will earn Mr. Game and Watch.

Adventure Mode

  • Complete classic mode using Mario without continuing to get Dr. Mario.

  • Complete the 100 Man Melee and then defeat Falco to get him.

  • Complete Event 29 and then defeat Ganondorf to get him.

  • Complete adventure or classic mode once to get Jigglypuff.

  • Finish the first stage of adventure mode with a "2" in the seconds meter and then defeat Luigi to get him.

  • Finish classic mode with all 14 regular characters, or play as every character in versus mode, and you'll get Marth.

  • Play versus mode or leave your console on in a versus-match for 20 hours and then defeat Mewtwo to get him.

  • Complete classic, adventure, or the target test with all characters to get Mr. Game and Watch.

  • Complete Event 37 and defeat Pichu to get him.

  • Complete classic mode using Marth and defeat Roy to get him.

  • Complete classic mode with 10 characters and defeat Young Link to get him.

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