How to Purchase a Car Overseas

Imagine arranging to purchase a new BMW, Mercedes or Volvo through your local dealer at a discount. Now imagine picking up the car in Europe and touring the European countryside behind the wheel of your new automobile that you will eventually have shipped to the United States. Many car dealers offer European delivery plans that allow buyers to buy a car and take delivery in Europe. Included in these plans is the option of enjoying a European vacation with the money the buyer saves on the price of his new car. This is an exciting way to celebrate your purchase.


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      Locate a dealer that handles overseas sales transactions at least three months before you are planning on picking up the car. Three popular makes of automobiles that may be purchased overseas are BMW, Mercedes and Volvo.

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      Choose the make and model of car that you wish to purchase, and place your order. You also may need to fill out an application for temporary registration in the country where you will pick up and drive the vehicle.

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      Pay the deposit required to order your car and arrange for delivery. Deposits can range, on the average, from $2,000-$4,000.

    • 4

      Provide copies of your driver's license and passport to the dealer to comply with overseas purchasing requirements.

    • 5

      Receive your order confirmation package within approximately two weeks of placing the order for your vehicle, and compare it with your original order to make sure that all of the information is correct.

    • 6

      Make travel arrangements if you are planning on staying in Europe for a vacation.

    • 7

      Pay the final payment to the United States dealership at least 30 days before you plan to take delivery of the car overseas, and retain the receipt to present to the overseas dealer or agent during pickup.

    • 8

      Call either the factory delivery center or the agent to confirm the date and time of your arrival in Europe to pick up your car.

    • 9

      Travel to Europe, and pick up your car at the designated location. If it is in your plans, enjoy a vacation before returning to the United States.

    • 10

      Turn in the car to the designated home shipment agent, and pay any necessary drop-off charges.

    • 11

      Contact your insurance company, and request that your new car be added to your policy with coverage to begin on the date of delivery to the U.S. dealer.

    • 12

      Wait 8 to 12 weeks, and pick up your car from the United States dealer. Remember to bring the bill of sale and the U.S. customs clearance form to complete U.S. registration.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be aware that not all models manufactured in the United States are available overseas.

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