How to Find Missing Objects


Every now and then an object we need and use often will come up missing. It could be your car keys, watch, favorite shirt, or even your shoes. Maybe you accidentally misplaced it, or maybe the kids did. There is only one thing to do when this happens: locate the missing object. Cleaning is an excellent way to find what has recently come up missing, and all of those things that have been missing for a while.

  • Check in your car, van or truck. Many times people will bring items with them when they go places in a vehicle. It is a good possibility that the object you are missing was accidentally left in your vehicle. Take a small garbage bag outside and clean out all of the wrappers, newspapers, junk mail and what have you out of your vehicle. Check in the glove box, under the seats, in the back seat and between the seats.

  • Check in your pockets. It is possible that you slipped the missing object into your pants, shirt or jacket pocket. Check the clothes you are wearing and the clothes you were wearing on the previous day. Go to the laundry room to check any additional pockets, such as those of children or your spouse. As you are checking pockets, throw the items of clothing that have been searched into the washing machine. This will ensure you know which have and have not been checked. It will also help you to get a load of laundry done.

  • Think about what the object is. Go to the room of your home that it would most likely be found in. A hair brush, for example, would likely be found in the bathroom, and a pocket watch would likely be found in your bedroom. Throw away any garbage that is lying around the room. Take care of clutter by putting things where they belong. Check in drawers, under cabinets, on top of shelves and behind dressers and counters. Sometimes things get tossed when they get put away. When this happens they can slip or slide off of the surface they land on and end up falling behind it.

  • Move on to the next most likely room of your home. This is generally either the kitchen or the living room. Clean as you would any other time. Put things away, declutter, organize, and throw useless things away. In the living room check between and under the couch or chair cushions. It is also a good idea to check under the couch or chair as things can fall to the floor unknowingly and get kicked under furniture. Get the vacuum out, pull the furniture out and clean the floor.

  • Check and clean all other rooms that you use daily. If the missing object has not turned up, the last place to check is in your child's bedroom. Kids are funny like that. They love Mom's and Dad's things. Clean up all of the laundry in the room, putting away what is clean and taking the rest to the laundry room. Check the pockets. Make the bed. Check under your child's pillow. Kid's love to hide things under their pillows. Pick up any toys off of the floor. You may find your object with the toys your child has recently played with, especially if your child is very young.

  • Check your desk. Whether you work at home or actually go to an office to work there is a good chance that the object you are missing may be there waiting for you. Remember, in most cases when we are missing objects we will find them in the most obvious spots. Sometimes you'll clean for hours trying to find something and then see it in plain sight, out in the open, not even lost at all.

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