How to Find Charity Funds To Pay Bills


Sometimes what we make just does not meet the needs of the family. Charities across the states are set up to help families and individuals who need help from time to time to pay bills and help with unexpected expenses. Unexpected expenses include paying for braces or dental work for a child, doctor bills, car repair, and home repair. Bills such as food, eye glasses, clothing, and utility costs can also be fully or partially covered through a charity.

  • Gather all bills. Before paying bills look at bill that can not be covered by charities. I am NOT saying to neglect bills and go have fun with the other money because a charity will pick up the tab. I am saying that while you may be able to find help to pay utilities, you probably will not find help to pay a the minimal payment on a credit card or pay a car loan. In real life you may need that car to go to work and the credit card to get by.

  • Determine what you need help with. Gather all paper work and bring it with you. For example if you need your car repaired so you can return to work, bring all the information you have on how much the repair will cost. If you have bills that need payed, bring them with you.

  • Gather all members of the households paycheck stubs, social security cards, birth certificates, and last years tax returns.

  • Go to local charities first to find help. Most charities will help those in their own community first. Remember a charity has to have funds to help financially. They may not be able to give money to everyone, but they may be able to help in other ways. For instance they may have a volunteer mechanic that helps with car repairs. Or they may be able to work with the company you owe money to. They may also be able to refer you to a different charity or government agency that may help.

  • If a family with children is involved, go to the local family services. Let them know what is going on and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Many charities work under a referral only procedure, this way they do not get freeloaders. So going to a state ran facility, even if you know they can not help you, it may not be a waste of time.

Tips & Warnings

  • Large churches are also great at helping individuals and families pay bills from time to time.
  • Just remember that once a charity help they log activities, in some instances it goes in a community log. This means they can keep tabs on who they helped. This prevents freeloaders and helps agencies refer to other charities.
  • Be sure you need help when you ask for it, because if you ask for help to often you may not get it when you really need it.

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