How to Heal Blood Clots


A blood clot is a cluster that develops when blood solidifies from a liquid to a solid (coagulation). When a blood clot solidifies inside a vein, an artery or the heart, it is termed a thrombus. A thrombus that travels from the heart or blood vessel to another area in the body is termed an embolus. Blockage of a blood vessel by a clot (or other foreign body) is called an embolism. If left untreated, blood clots can cause a stroke or heart attack. By employing aspirin and certain supplements, you can effectively heal and prevent blood clots.

Things You'll Need

  • Aspirin
  • Garlic capsules
  • Ginger capsules
  • Gingko biloba capsules
  • Yarrow flower capsules

Take an aspirin. In addition to its effects on inflammation, pain and fever, aspirin can help prevent the formation of blood clots inside arteries, especially in individuals diagnosed with atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries). The recommended dosage is one 100mg tablet once daily.

Consume garlic in capsule form. Alicin, which can thin the blood, is the active ingredient in garlic. Garlic is especially beneficial if you are susceptible to dangerous blood clots in leg veins. Take one 500mg tablet once a day. Aside from garlic capsules, you can maximize the effects by adding garlic to your food daily.

Take ginger capsules. The active ingredient in ginger is 6-gingerol, which can prevent the clumping of human blood platelets. This especially beneficial to individuals with a high risk of getting life-threatening blood clots. The recommended dosage is one 500mg capsule once every day. Additionally, you can drink one cup of ginger tea for maximum effect.

Take ginkgo biloba capsules. This herb includes potent compounds,called terpenoids, that increase blood circulation and can help prevent blood clots. Take one 240mg capsule once every day.

Consume yarrow flower in capsule form. Yarrow flowers contain flavonoids, which act by dilating the peripheral arteries and help clear blood clots. The internal use of this potent herb may also prevent migraines and reduce high blood pressure associated with blood clots. The recommended dosage is two 325mg capsules three times a day.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consult your physician before embarking on self-treatments for cardiovascular disease.

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