How to Give a Sponge Bath to a Recuperating Adult


Adults who are recuperating from an illness or surgery may be unable to take showers or baths due to lack of physical energy, immobilization due to casting, or surgical wounds and sutures that cannot be exposed to water. In these cases, sponge baths are necessary to prevent dirt and oil from accumulating on the skin. Sponge baths, which involve washing the adult with a damp sponge or washcloth, can be given to a recuperating adult by a nurse, family member, or other caregiver. It is important to know how to properly give a sponge bath to a recuperating adult.

Things You'll Need

  • Large basin or tub
  • Sponge or washcloth
  • Mild soap
  • Plastic sheet or large towels
  • Lotions, topical medication, or ointments, per doctor's orders
  • Gather your towels, soaps, and other materials before beginning the bath. This will ensure you do not have to leave the recuperating adult's bedside during the bathing process.

  • Place the adult on a plastic sheet or towels to prevent water from coming into contact with the bed. Towels will not provide as much protection as a plastic sheet, but they may be more comfortable.

  • Fill a large basin or other container with lukewarm water. You can make the water a little warmer or cooler, depending on the recuperating adult's preference. If you need to use soap, it is easiest to add a very small amount directly to the basin, and then use clean water to rinse.

  • Keep most areas of the body covered with a sheet or towel during the sponge bath. This will keep the adult warm. You must also keep any sutures or wounds covered.

  • Begin bathing the adult's face, head, and neck. Work your way down the body, bathing one side at a time.

  • Dry each body part very well before moving on to the next area. This is essential to keep the recuperating adult comfortable.

  • Turn the adult over onto his stomach in order to wash the back of the body. Be very careful when moving the adult if he is recovery from a surgical procedure or injury. Make certain the back is fully dry before returning the adult to his original position.

  • Apply lotion or other ointments once the skin is dry, and then redress the adult. Make certain you remove any wet sheets or towels from the bed.

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