How to Troubleshoot PC Monitor Display


Computer monitors are not known as being the most reliable piece of computer equipment. Often times, monitors can go bad for no reason at all. Other times, monitors can run for 5 or more years without having one single problem. Anyone having a problem with a monitor can do some troubleshooting on the monitor themselves. Computer repair shops often charge a fee just to diagnose a monitor, which can be up to $100 as of 2009.

Troubleshooting A Computer Monitor

  • Most problems experienced with computer monitors are quite apparent. Commonly, screen flickering when connected to a computer, screen flickering all of the time, and a blurry or distorted display are all problems with computer monitors. In worst case scenarios, a computer will not recognize a monitor at all, or the monitor will not power on.

  • Check the monitor settings. A monitor set-up with the wrong settings can give off a negative screen appearance. Although all monitors have a different way of accessing the settings, most have a menu button located on the front of the monitor. Through the menu, all other controls can be adjusted. Try adjusting all of the settings on the monitor to see if that fixes the problem. Pay special attention to the input option. A computer monitor set on the wrong input could cause the monitor to not get a signal at all.

  • Try doing a hardware reset. Hardware resets are recommended for the majority of electronic devices experiencing problems. Unplug all cords from the back of the monitor. Wait approximately 30 seconds and reconnect the cords. Try powering the monitor back on.

  • Try the monitor on another computer; you can figure out if the problem is with the monitor, or rather, a specific problem with the original computer that was being used. If the monitor works on one computer but not another, more than likely the problem is a bad graphics card.

  • Contact the manufacturer. In most cases, it is not a good idea to crack open the monitor to diagnose it unless you are very knowledgeable and experienced with computer monitors. However, certain monitors often have the same problems. By contacting the monitor manufacturer, someone may be able to tell you if the problem you are experiencing is common among their monitors or not. In some cases, they may even repair the monitor for free. Calling the manufacturer for advice costs no money. Taking the monitor to your local computer repair shop will cost you money.

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