How to Replace a Chevy S10 Wiper


Although it's a relatively benign procedure to replace the wiper blades on a Chevy S10, many owners overlook it until the blade is no performing its intended task. Not being able to see out the windshield can create hazardous driving conditions. Depending on the region of the country you live in, wiper blades should be checked every six months and replaced at least once a year to optimize visibility when traveling. Later-model S10s featured a contoured windshield that proved a challenging task for the passenger-side blade to perform well.

Things You'll Need

  • Thick cloth or towel
  • Straightedge screwdriver
  • 20-inch replacement wiper blades (1994-2004)
  • 16-inch replacement wiper blades (1982-1993)

Later S10 Models

  • Pivot the passenger side wiper arm until it sits in the raised position. Place a thick cloth or towel along the windshield to prevent accidental wiper-arm release. Without a wiper blade on the wiper arm, the windshield will be vulnerable to cracking if the hook of the arm strikes it.

  • Place a forefinger onto the release lever located under the hook of the quick-connect blade and lift the lever upward toward the arm.

  • Pull down on the wiper blade away from the hooked end of the wiper arm.

  • Pivot the released wiper blade clockwise in order to remove it from the hooked wiper arm.

  • Inspect the new quick-connect wiper blade. To reconnect, the curved part of the hardware at the center of the blade must meet the hook.

  • Insert the center of the blade onto the upraised blade into the front slot of the blade. Pivot the flat laterally against the hook and then lift the blade upward until an audible click locks it into place. Test the blade for tightness by wiggling it up and down to ensure it is locked.

  • Pivot the wiper arm down toward the windshield while removing the cloth or towel. Repeat the procedure for the driver's side wiper blade.

Earlier S10 Models

  • Place a towel or cloth under the wiper blade.

  • Lift the arm of the passenger side wiper arm as far as it will allow and bend the front and rear of the wiper blade upward to release its hinged lock on the pin of the wiper arm. Depending on the age of the blade, a straightedge screwdriver may help to get the blade to release from the pin. However, holding a screwdriver while each hand is on either end of the wiper blade will require hand dexterity.

  • Allow the wiper arm to come to rest gently on the cloth or towel.

  • Install the replacement blade by bending it against its hinge lock and applying it to the pin of the wiper arm.

  • Remove the cloth or towel from under the wiper arm and blade assembly and then repeat the procedure for the driver's side.

Tips & Warnings

  • Because of the contoured windshield in the later model S10s, a better application of wiper-blade replacement are the contoured wiper blades. These blades are considerably more expensive than regular wiper blades, and although they still do not bend enough to clear the windshield fully on the passenger side, they do a much better job than the standard blades. These blades should still be inspected every six months and replaced at least once a year.

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