How to start replacing CV joints on audi a6 quattro 2000


As an owner of an aging audi a6, I've recently encountered an annoying clicking sound. The cause of the problem: cv joint failure.
The CV joints on a car are lubed with high temperature grease that is protected by a CV boot. Due to factors such as aging, abuse, and weather, the CV boot can crack or tear allowing the oil to deplete and contaminants to enter. Therefore it is important to replace a damaged boot before there is damage/failure to the CV joint.

  • The replacement usually involves a complete assembly called CV axle half shaft which is made up of 2 axles connected together with the CV joint on each end, the outer and inner CV joints; the outer joint responsible for most of the failures . Although complete replacement with a CV half shaft is not a huge job, the part can be expensive for a original part (possibly $200 and up).

  • Replacement of the CV half shaft is not necessary most in majority of the cases as the main culprit is only the outer CV joint as the inner CV joint rarely fails in comparison. If there are no symptoms of damage to the CV joints (Clicking sound on turn), replacing a torn boot with new grease could save you hundreds. A new CV boot with new grease is a affordable fix especially if you're doing your own repairs at $20 for a CV boot repair kit.

  • If there are signs of damage or failure to the outer CV joint, you have the option of either replacing the entire CV half shaft or the damaged outer CV joint, which entails the same procedure as repairing the CV boot except you are replacing the old outer CV joint, which will cost about $80 for the CV joint and boot kit.

  • To test to see if your CV joint has failed is to bring your windows down so you can hear whats happening and which side it is coming from. Have your radio off, and while driving at a walking pace, turn to one side then the other(do this at a empty parking lot). If you hear a loud clicking during these turns, you most likely have a damaged CV joint in need of replacement . Try on both locks and an usually hear which one has failed. Do Not confuse this with the the relief valve sounds from the power steering pump.

    If the joints have failed, it is possible for the joint to seperate, While the wheel shouldn't actually fall off it is possible for sudden and serious loss of steering to occur and other damage as axle parts flail around. Some people drive around for years with crook CV joints and are none the wiser.

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