How to Make Flower Fairies


Flower fairies add a bit of whimsy to any table or shelf, and they're fun to make. Set aside an afternoon and create flower fairies to decorate your home or to give to friends to brighten their day. This is a good craft to enjoy with children, and if you use a variety of flowers, each person will end up with a unique flower fairy to display.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral wire (paper-covered) (10 inches per fairy)
  • Craft wire cutters
  • Tape or glue
  • 1/2-inch wooden beads
  • Small decorative beads (smaller than the wooden beads)
  • Marker or colored pencils
  • Silk flowers with widespread petals such as carnations
  • Sequins
  • Beads
  • Embroidery floss or thread
  • Needle- or round-nose pliers
  • Cut two pieces of wire using wire cutters, one 2 1/2 inches long and the second 6 1/2 inches long. Put clear tape on the ends of the cut wire so the paper won't come off, or dip the ends in glue and let dry.

  • Draw a face on the half-inch wooden bead with either a marker or colored pencils. If the surface of the beads is unvarnished, use the colored pencils. If the surface of the beads is varnished, use the marker; the ink will adhere better and not rub off.

  • Make a very small loop at each end of the shorter length of wire using the pliers. The curved ends will form the hands of the flower fairies. Wrap thread around the curved ends to make the hand appear solid.

  • Loop lengths of the thread around your fingers to create hair for your fairy. The number of fingers you use depends on how long you want your fairy's hair to be. (The hair will be half as long as your loops.) Make as many loops as you need until the hair is as thick as you'd like it. To add texture to your fairy's hair, you can use different kinds or colors of thread.

  • Fold the long wire in half and insert the fairy hair through the bend in the wire. Give your fairy an updo by sweeping her hair up and securing with a piece of wire or some thread. Insert the bottom ends of the long wire through the hole in the 1/2-inch wooden bead, and move the bead up the wire until it rests under the hair. Make sure that the flower fairy's face is right side up.

  • Attach the arms to your fairy's body by horizontally twisting the shorter length of wire to the longer wire at the end of the face bead. Insert bottom ends of the longer wire into a smaller decorative bead and push the bead up against the arms to form a small body. Spread the ends of the long wire to make legs. As with the hands, use pliers to loop the ends of the long wire to form little feet. Wrap the feet with thread.

  • Put a hole in the center of a flower using scissors or by pushing through with the pliers. Insert the legs of the fairy into the flower hole. If you can, first separate the petal layers and insert them one at a time until they form a skirt. If you need to, glue each layer to the top one to secure. Be as creative as you like with this step--after all, it's the flower that defines the fairy.

Tips & Warnings

  • Experiment with different lengths of wires, flowers and beads. Use your imagination--there is no wrong way to make these fairies.

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