How to Move an Air Conditioning Flex Duct


If you have an air conditioning flex duct that needs to moved you can do it yourself. It is not hard to do. You do not need a professional. Follow these steps to move an air conditioning flex duct.

Things You'll Need

  • air conditioning flex duct
  • flex collars
  • duct tape
  • panduit straps
  • duct sealing mastic
  • hanging strap
  • knife
  • wire cutters
  • plyers
  • paint brush
  • Make a material list. Measure the length and size of the duct to be moved. The size is printed on the side. You need one collar for each splice. Two panduit straps for each connection. Plus everything else on the material list.

  • Buy the all the materials at a home improvement store or an air conditioning supply house. These materials will often be in the plumbing section of Home Depot, etc.

  • Use a knife to slice through the air conditioning flex duct. Cut at least two feet from any connection. There are three layers. An outer, the insulation and the inner. The inner layer has a wire that will need to be cut with wire cutters.

  • Roll the outer layer over the insulation. Push these layers up the inner layer eight inches. Do this on both sides of the cut.

  • Move the air conditioning flex to the area you want it. You will probably need to cut hanging straps. Use hanging straps to hang the duct in its new position.

  • Stretch the new flex between the two cut ends. Cut the new flex the length you need. Roll both ends. Use hanging strap to tie the new flex where you want it.

  • Place one end of a collar into the inner liner of one air conditioning flex. Use duct tape to hold it in place. Put the other end of the collar into the other flex. Tape all the way around both inner liners. Tighten a panduit strap on each inner liner.

  • Pull the two outer liners together. Use panduit straps and duct tape to hold them together. Place a hanging strap within one foot of the splice. With a paint brush apply duct sealing mastic to the splice. Seal it completely.

  • Hook up the remaining splices. Add more hanging straps anyplace that the flex duct sags.

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