How to Convert a Mini Fridge to Kegerator


It's easy to convert a mini fridge to a kegerator. All you have to do is drill a few holes in the right places and pop in a keg of beer. Hook up the tap lines and the mini fridge will keep the keg of beer cold and you don't even have to open it to draw a beer. The tap is attached to the top of the fridge over a hole through which the supply lines are fed.

Things You'll Need

  • 4.9 cubic foot mini refrigerator
  • Standard hole saw
  • Bastard metal file
  • Drill with carbide bits
  • Double tap draft tower complete with serving lines, fittings and taps
  • Four long round-head stainless or zinc plated bolts with nuts and washers
  • Crack-filling foam insulation in aerosol can
  • ¼-inch flare fittings for beer serving lines (two flare barbs, two flare nuts, two hose clamps)
  • Remove the crisper and shelves from the interior of the refrigerator and set aside.

  • Remove the plastic cover from the top of the refrigerator. Look for screws near both the front and back edge of the top which hold the top plastic cover on.

  • Mark a spot directly in the center of the top of the refrigerator. Mark it the correct size for your particular double tap tower.

  • Cut out the hole for the tap with the standard hole saw. File off any burrs with the bastard metal file so they don't puncture your serving lines.

  • Place the double tap tower over the hole you just made and mark the location of its mounting bolts. Drill these holes through to the interior of the fridge. Make the holes larger than necessary for the bolts to pass through. This will give you some room to more easily line everything up later.

  • Vacuum off any drilling dust or debris from the top of the refrigerator and put the plastic panel back on.

  • Fit the tap tower over the large hole you drilled earlier. Looking from below, try to line up all the holes drilled in the top of the fridge with the corresponding holes in the tap tower. Use the hole saw to open up the large hole in the plastic for the tap tower. Then drill through the plastic cover from inside of the refrigerator so the holes for the mounting bolts on the tap tower line up with the holes you drilled in the top when the plastic cover was off.

  • Remove the tap tower from the top of the fridge to complete this step. Working from inside of the large hole you made for the tap tower with the hole saw, spray the foam insulation into the gap between the top of the refrigerator and the plastic cover. Let dry for about an hour. If necessary, use the drill to blast out any foam that worked its way into blocking the mounting holes.

  • Install the tap tower by lining it up over the large hole in the top of the fridge and also lining up the mounting holes for the bolts. Place a washer and nut on the other end of the bolts in the interior of the refrigerator. Don't forget to put the rubber ring that came with your tap tower between the tower and the top of the refrigerator.

  • Remove the keg connectors that came with your tap tower by cutting the lines about an inch below them. Install the flare fittings by first putting the hose clamp over the end of the hose, inserting the flare barbs, securing them with the nuts and then tightening the hose clamps to securely hold the entire fitting. These will connect to your beer kegs.

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