How to Drink Cranberry Juice to Reduce a Staph Infection


Staph infections are serious bacterial infections that affect many people each year. Staph infections can vary in severity from minor to potentially fatal. If a staph infection is diagnosed, antibiotics will usually be prescribed to kill off the infection, and natural antibiotics can be used to help aid the process. One such natural antibiotic is cranberry juice, which has shown in some lab tests to be effective against certain strains of staph bacteria.

  • Drink preventatively. Drinking cranberry juice before you are ever infected with the bacteria will help to strengthen your immune system, reducing the chance of ever getting infected in the first place.

  • Drink pure cranberry juice. Pure cranberry juice is the most powerful against infection, full of vitamin C and antibiotic properties, but be warned that it is also the most bitter.

  • Drink a small amount every day. You don't have to change your diet to only cranberry juice to get the benefits. Drinking one glass every day will help to ward off infection and keep your immune system strong.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pure cranberry juice can be quite bitter, so consider drinking it while eating a sweeter fruit to offset the taste.
  • If you think you may have a staph infection, even if it appears to be minor, make sure to see a doctor. Staph infections are a serious concern and cranberry juice is not a cure.


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