How to Use Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel is a interactive digital spreadsheet application that is included in the Microsoft Office 2007 package, the latest Windows version of Microsoft Office. The application is easy to use but has a variety of features and options, including data analysis and display. Microsoft Excel uses a grid of cells to make up its spreadsheets, the columns labeled with letters, and the rows labeled with numbers.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel 2007
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      Enter text or numbers into a cell by clicking in the cell, typing the desired text, and press "Enter." Press "Tab" to move to the next cell.

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      To insert a row of cells into your spreadsheet, select where you wish your new row to be, click the Home tab and the "Insert" button, and then click "Insert Sheet Row." Create a new column by clicking "Insert Sheet Column" under "Insert."

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      To merge multiple cells together, either vertically or horizontally, select the cells you wish to merge, and click "Merge Cells," which appears under the "Merge and Center" button in the Alignment group under the Home tab.

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      Add two or more cells together by first clicking in a cell. Type "=SUM(" (open parenthesis), and enter the cells you wish to be added together, followed by ")" (close parenthesis). For example, =SUM(F4,F5,F6) would add the values of cells F4, F5 and F6. Write a long list of cells quickly by entering the starting cell of a row or column, typing ":" (colon), and entering the ending cell, for example, F4:F13. Use calculation operators to multiply, divide, add, subtract, or exponentiate multiple cells. For example, a cell with the formula =B7/B3 would divide the value in B7 by the value in B3.

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      Use a variety of functions to fit your needs. Click the "Insert Function" button on the formula bar to pull down a long list of functions, and click the function you want. To average two or more cells, go down to AVERAGE, and type the cells you wish to average, between parentheses.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that you always enter an equal sign before writing a formula in a cell.
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