How to Be Number One On Iphone Imobsters

This is strategy guide for being uber on imobsters, a free app on the iphone or itouch, this is not an introduction to the game.

Things You'll Need

  • iphone or ipod touch, data plan or wifi.


    • 1

      Don't be afraid to restart a new character if you are already in too deep, and dig out that patience :)

    • 2

      Do basic missions, and invest all skill points in 80 percent defense and 20 percent energy. The whole secret here is to not always be doing missions, its ok to sit on full energy often, just keep money in the bank and let others attack you for 0 (or very minimal) dollars. Don't worry about attacking anyone yet, let your defense protect you and once you above level 25 you can flip and start skilling your attack. Keep buying up the most affordable lands (do your math on these often!) and using the bank to protect the money while waiting. Around level 25 you can afford to start buying up some uber equipment.

    • 3

      At first use available links to add members at a very slow rate, as you patiently await the income to reinvest into other lands. At level 25 you should easily have over one million an hour coming in and about the same number of members. A few links are these, I don't have any favorites nor trying to advertise them, just google imobsters codes. -- --I printed some out and mark them off as I invite.

    • 4

      Continue to buy up real estate and top end cars for defense and weapons for attack, also the best armors out. Things will speed up now and be much more fun than always being broke! Make sure your hourly expense is kept under 20 percent of your income for quickest results. Once you are making 2 million an hour you can send out your code on the above forums to gain members at very fast pace.

    • 5

      Here is the real kicker. go ahead and download all the free games and jsut start them up for more loyalty points, you can then delete them. You will continue to get future offers for the same games over time, keep saving all of these loyalty points! Once you have reached maximum mob size, use these points to get additional members automatically, this will put you above the other players without any loyalty points left.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you get in a rush at times just jump on and throw all the cash in the bank and then research later when time permits (especially in the mornings when waking up)
  • This game can be very addictive! (but doing it this way gives you time to go outside, cook some good food, or spend time with family and friends :)
  • This is for free play, others may choose to deposit and buy their uberness instead of earning it through persistence and brains :)
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