How to Make an Easy Tricorn Hat

Do you need a tricorn hat, but don't have a lot of time or money?

Make an easy tricorn hat as part of a great classroom project, or pirate birthday party project.

Read on to discover how to construct one in a matter of minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Large Brown Paper Bag
  • Glue
  • Paper or Plastic Bowl
  • Black Paint
  • Tape


    • 1
      Cut off one side to make a tricorn hat.

      Cut off one side of a brown paper bag. You need a large one for a tricorn hat.

      Save the other half of the bag for another hat. If you are not making more than one hat, discard the leftover part.

    • 2
      Draw a triangle for the hat.

      Turn the piece of paper bag sideways. The shortest lengths are on the sides.

      Draw a triangle, using the bottom of the paper as the bottom of the triangle. (See Diagram for illustration.)

      Cut the triangle out.

    • 3

      Turn over the the plastic or paper bowl. This is the part the part of the tricorn hat that sits on your head.

      Coat the bowl with glue.

    • 4

      Lay the triangle on top of the bowl. Center the triangle, and push the paper downward, being sure to cover the bowl sides, too. Allow the triangle to dry.

      Paint the triangle black and allow to dry.

      You should still have enough of the triangle left for folding.

    • 5
      Roll up the sides of the tricorn hat.

      Roll up the sides of the tricorn hat. You can tape them to the hat, so that the sides do not come back down, but this is optional.

    • 6
      Round off the 3 corners.

      Round off each corner with a pair of scissors. Use scissor to cut of the points on the corners.

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