How to Do Tricks in "Mario Kart Wii"


With its emphasis on motion controls giving way to plenty of dynamic driving, 2008's “Mario Kart Wii” encourages you to perform tricks off of its many ramps using a shake of the Wii Remote or the press of a button, depending on your controller of choice. Performing a stunt gives you a handy speed boost, so your follow-through is just as important as your execution. Knowing the ins and outs of the trick system will give you an edge in securing a first place victory.

  • Drive your kart or bike off a ramp or similar elevated surface, such as a blue boost pad or the edges of half-pipe-style roadways. For best results, approach the ramp straight on at a high speed.

  • Shake the Wii Remote or Wii Wheel just as your kart or bike launches from the edge or a ramp or other elevated surface. For Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro or GameCube controller users, press any direction on the d-pad as you launch from the ramp. Pulling off a trick not only gives you a speed boost, it extends the height and duration of your jump.

  • Adjust your kart or bike mid-air for the ideal air time and landing. Lean the Wii Remote forward, or press forward on your controller's analog stick, to angle the nose of your vehicle downward, making for a shorter jump with a more secure landing, well-suited for hitting the ground near a bumpy surface. For more air time with a landing safe for flat ground, lean the Wii Remote toward your body or press the analog stick down.

  • Nail your landing. You can only perform one trick off of each platform, and you'll get your speed boost as soon as you hit the ground -- you'll always land with your wheels on the ground, so as long as you hit solid land, you'll get the boost bonus. Your boost helps a little on straightaways, but it's even more useful for trimming corners or zooming through a small patch of rough terrain, such as grass or mud. One of the best ways to fully utilize your boost is by cutting corners right past other racers.

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