How to Defuse a Bomb in the "Counter-Strike" Series


One of the more popular game modes in the "Counter-Strike" series, bomb defusal tasks the two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, with different objectives. The terrorists will win if they can get one of the two possible sites blown up, but counter-terrorists just need to defuse the bomb to win. Defusing the bomb is the same in all games; the only difference is a change in price for the defusal kit and the placement in some of the menus.

Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Source Defusal Kits

  • Press "B" at the start of the round to open the Buy Menu. This opens a list of the categories of items you can purchase: Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Rifles, Machine Guns and Equipment.

  • Press "6" to open the Equipment menu. This lists all the equipment that you can purchase, including items for Bomb Defusal Mode. Pressing "6" again purchases the defusal kit for $200.

  • Walk up to a planted bomb and press "E" when prompted on-screen. Holding the key halves the amount of time needed to finish the task down to five seconds. Don't look away from the bomb or else the defusal will stop, and only a few seconds can determine victory or defeat.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Press "B" when you begin the round, opening the Buy Menu and displaying a wheel of options: Pistols, Heavy, SMGs, Rifles, Gear and Grenades.

  • Click "Gear," or press "5," to list all equipment available in the game mode. You'll find four options available, among which is the defuse kit. Press "4" to purchase it for $400.

  • Press and hold "E" beside a planted bomb to defuse it. Like in previous games in the series, five seconds is all it takes to remove the bomb with a defusal kit.

Tips & Warnings

  • Should you die before you successfully use the kit on a bomb, someone else on your team who hasn't purchased a kit can take it from your body; you won't need it anymore anyway.
  • If you're playing "Counter-Strike" or "Counter-Strike: Source" locally, bots will usually purchase kits and subsequently drop them when they die; this means you probably don't need to spend the money yourself.
  • Attempting to defuse a bomb without a defusal kit will take twice as long, which is more than enough time for a terrorist to take out your character and ensure the bomb explodes.
  • Before attempting to defuse a bomb, make sure the area is clear of enemies. If possible, have a few allies watching your back to protect against sneak attacks from terrorists.

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