How to Install Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology, a real-time strategy from Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios, was a smashing critical and commercial success. Strong word of mouth and positive reviews from top video game websites and print publications have helped to spur sales, and four months after its initial release the game went "platinum," selling over one million units.

Things You'll Need

  • Age of Mythology CD-Key


  1. Installing Age of Mythology

    • 1

      Power on your PC and allow the computer to boot into your Operating System.

    • 2

      Open your CD-Drive and insert your Age of Mythology CD Rom. Allow the software up to sixty seconds to boot the game launcher.

    • 3

      Click "Install" from the list of available options on the game launcher screen.

    • 4

      Input the CD-Key that was packaged with the game disk when prompted before setting other options.

    • 5

      Go through the other installation options, such as telling the launcher where to install the files on the hard drive.

    • 6

      Allow the launcher several minutes to install the necessary software.

    • 7

      Close the install launcher and reboot the computer to complete installation.

Tips & Warnings

  • If Age of Mythology is running slowly on your PC, try adjusting the in-game settings. By lowering the screen resolution or decreasing the level of graphic anti-aliasing, you can get this game to run on even a weak PC.
  • Be sure to use your own CD-Key to unlock the disk software. Using other CD Keys to unlock the game is considered illegal.
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