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DMAE is an acronym for a metabolite identified as dimethylaminoethenol, a natural chemical in the body that is a byproduct of the metabolic process. Research has revealed that DMAE can be used to extend one's life span, to minimize damage to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), to stimulate memory and superior brain functioning, to diminish depression, to improve immunological functions and to improve one's digestive functions. DMAE also can be taken to improve the condition of one's heart, to treat attention deficit disorder, to increase one's energy levels and to improve the condition of one's skin. There are several methods for taking DMAE, all of which prove simple.

Things You'll Need

  • DMAE serum DMAE capsules Breakfast Lunch Glycolic-acid-free DMAE serum Notepad Pen
  • Decide whether you will use a DMAE serum or an oral product; refrain from using both products at the same time.

  • Use one to four drops of DMAE serum to treat skin conditions and age spots; shake up the bottle before using it and apply the drops to the tip of your index finger. Use your finger to massage the DMAE serum into the skin in the facial area, the neck area or on your hands. Use glycolic-acid-free DMAE serum if you have ultrasensitive skin for DMAE skin treatments.

  • Start using DMAE slowly and increase your dosage over a period of time when using DMAE capsules; begin with a dosage of 100 milligrams per day. Add more DMAE supplements to your intake every couple of days after testing how the DMAE makes you feel.

  • Document any effects you receive from the DMAE capsules when you begin to take them; note if there are positive effects on your memory, on your immunological defenses, on your skin and on how you feel in general. Increase the dosage every couple of days, working up to 400 milligrams, if no improvements are noted.

  • Decrease the amount of DMAE you are consuming orally if you note an increase in muscular tension, in headaches, anxiety, irritability, restlessness or stiffness in your neck, shoulders and/or jaw. Keep lowering the dosage until the symptoms disappear; cease using the product if symptoms persist even after lowering your DMAE dosage.

  • Periodically stop using DMAE when you are feeling the benefits of the product; restart use when you feel that the benefits are no longer accessible to you to minimize how much DMAE you rely on and to prevent bodily resistance to the product.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use DMAE before breakfast and lunch to avoid issues with insomnia and sleep disturbances; do not take DMAE before dinner or before bedtime so that you can avoid overstimulation. Keep your DMAE dosages to above 100 milligrams to improve your memory; lower doses do not have an effect on one's memory. You can take as much as 400 milligrams of DMAE each day to increase your memory and to enhance your level of alertness.
  • The DMAE serum is not to be consumed orally, and if it enters your eyes, it should be immediately flushed from the eyes with cool water, as the product can irritate the eyes. If a rash develops or if you show other signs of an allergic reaction, cease using the serum immediately. If you have bipolar disorder or if you have epileptic seizures, you should not use DMAE, as the product can overstimulate your brain and induce episodes of mania or seizures. DMAE also can intensify depression; if you are suffering from major depression, or depression associated with bipolar disorder, avoid taking this product.

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