How to Wear Bike Shorts

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Cyclists are known for wearing tight clothes made of Lycra or other formfitting materials. Bike shorts are built for comfort and durability and, in the case of padded versions, for the long haul. New cyclists might be mystified by how to wear bike shorts that contain padding and fit tightly. It's easy to make these shorts comfortable if you know a few keys to prevent common problems.

Things You'll Need

  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-chafing product


  1. Remove your underwear -- yep, go commando. The padded "chamois" section that lines the crotch of bike shorts is designed to be worn against your skin, and adding more fabric to that area by wearing underwear will result in bunching, chafing and a shorter ride than you had planned -- guaranteed.

  2. Apply an anti-chafing product to your inner thighs, genital area and the part of your buttocks that comes into contact with your bike seat.

  3. Pull the stretchy fabric of the shorts into the correct place on your legs; like pantyhose, the shorts don’t always move into the right position. Align the chamois of the shorts with the areas you want padded during the bike ride.

  4. Apply sunscreen to your legs, particularly the gap between your knees and the cuff of the shorts. Roll the cuffs up an inch or two and add a little more sunscreen above the regular cuff position, and then move the cuffs back into position.

  5. Adjust the placement of the chamois and the legs of the shorts once you are seated on your bike. As long as the pad is not bunched up under you and you align the pad with the seat, you should be able to ride many miles in comfort.



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