How to Find Out How Many People Were on My Website

Tracking the number of visitors to your website is essential to the success of your Web presence. Finding out how many people go to your pages enables you to determine crucial data including how easy your website is to locate, how your marketing efforts are performing and which of your pages is the most popular. By using free Internet web analyzers and/or taking advantage of your web host's statistic applications, you can begin to take stock of your own site, and set up strategies for improvements.


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      Go to a free web stat analyzer, such as, to enter your website and get an instantaneous estimated visitor number.

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      Download a free website log analyzer, such as Webalizer, to track your visitors. Follow the instructions for installing the web code on your page(s) in order to begin receiving detailed visitor reports.

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      Sign up for Google Analytics for free by logging in to your Google account and clicking the "Sign Up" button. Enter the required information, and copy the code provided by Google on every web page that you want to track. You will receive detailed charts and graphs that provide your Web visitor information as well as other essential data, such as specific page views, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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      Check with your web host provider, if you have one. Often, web hosts provide some sort of web statistics application that you can use to find out how many people have navigated to your website.

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      Install a web counter, such as, and follow the instructions to copy the code on your home page. This information will tell you how many visits you have; however, be aware that this page count will be viewable by all visitors to your website.

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