How to Remove Parasite Worms from the Breast


Parasitic worms, despite their name, are actually not worms, but parasites with worm-like structures that depend on their host for food, shelter and overall survival. There are several types of parasitic worms that can reside in the human body, like roundworms, flatworms and pinworms. These worms can affect many organs and parts of the body, including the lower and upper extremities, the head, stomach and breasts.

Determine the type of parasitic worm that is affecting the breast. The best treatment option will depend on the type of worm that is causing the issue. Once the identity is discovered, treatment options can be discussed and used.

Cook and refrigerate meat. Many parasitic worms are found in meats from farm animals like cows, sheep and pigs. Once these animals are eaten, the worms are transferred into the human body. These worms can be killed by properly cooking all consumed meats at the proper temperatures, and refrigerating foods rather than leaving them out at room temperature.

Introduce nutritional herbs into your diet. Herbs like black walnut, common cloves, and wormwood are often used for parasite cleanses. These herbs target many of the parasite’s life stages, essentially eradicating the parasites from the body (see Resources below).

Use home remedies to remove the parasitic worms. Pomegranate juice, pumpkin seeds, castor oil and coconut are popular ingredients used to kill and prevent parasitic worms (see Resources below).

Consult your doctor or physician. Depending on the severity of your condition, a surgical procedure may be necessary to physically remove the parasite and its eggs. X-ray examinations may be required to see the parasite in the breast tissue and determine the best possible route of removal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not try to forcibly remove the parasitic worms yourself, as this can cause tissue and organ damage that can be difficult to reverse. Consult a physician if you are experiencing severe, prolonged symptoms due to a parasitic infection.

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