How to build a Magic the Gathering blue control deck


MTG is a collectible trading card game that pits two or more opponents against each other. Each player brings their own unique set of about sixty spells and lands to the battle.

The purpose of a Magic the Gathering blue control deck is to harness the power of the skies, the sea, illusion and the mind to keep you in charge of the game until you can deliver the finishing blow. There are four main components of a Magic the Gathering blue control deck: lands, permission, draw and the kill. Follow this guide if you are interested in building one.

Things You'll Need

  • Blue cards
  • Islands and lands
  • First, in order to build a Magic the Gathering blue control deck you are going to need a collection of cards. You can buy from a trading card business, an online retailer or maybe even from friends.

  • Start by adding some lands. They represent the mana required to play spells. A Magic the Gathering blue control deck requires more energy than many other types. Let us start off by adding about twenty three (23) Islands. You can also buy trading cards that are non-basic lands and substitute them, just as long as they produce the right kind of mana.

  • The next and main component of a Magic the Gathering blue control deck is permission. These are the type of MTG cards that counter enemy spells and prevent them from damaging you or aiding your opponent and they are somewhat unique to the color blue. We already have 23 lands, so we only have 37 empty spots to play with. Let's throw together about 20 of these to help us achieve our main goal.

  • Now we need to add some draw spells to our Magic the Gathering blue control deck. This color is excellent for maintaining advantage by helping you draw cards. Execute properly during a game and you will have more cards available to counter your opponents efforts in the battle. Having used up 43 places, we have 17 remaining. Throw in about 12 instants or sorceries that help you draw cards.

  • Finally we are going to need a method to beat our opponents once we have taken the game over with our Magic the Gathering blue control deck. Five empty spots remain. Add some big creatures or dangerous artifacts to fill these holes. Don't worry about needing more dragons, drakes or merfolk to attack with: you won't need them. When they are on the board you will use your counterspells to protect them.

  • Now feel free to tweak the finished product. You can buy trading cards of a different color and add them in. Each offers certain benefits. Red can help you damage the enemy, or defend yourself against creatures if they get by your permission spells. Black is good for a kill method too. White can be useful for defensive purposes. Green is least likely to help here, but if you have a good idea, try it out!

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