How to Edit Lots in "The Sims 3"


With the introduction of story progression, there's no reason not to make your whole town thrive in "The Sims 3." Not only can you edit your own lot, but you can edit any town lot in your world. Editing a Sim lot lets you make changes to the building, its contents or the depth of the landscape outside.

Entering Build Mode

  • While playing with a family in "The Sims 3," pressing "F3" opens Build Mode for the family home lot. If you have the funds, you can build anything within the white grid highlighting the lot; the biggest lot in the game is 60x60, but it costs nearly a family's entire starting funds to purchase. "The Sims 3" also lets you dig below the house, carving out a basement area for extra storage or a laundry area.

Using Editing Tools

  • Selecting the wall in the toolbar in Build Mode lets you create new walls for a building. If you want a basic square or rectangular room, you can hold the "Shift" key as you click and drag the mouse on the lot; this generates four walls that create a room. The "Shift" key works for most tools that let you fill a room, such as painting wallpaper or setting floor tiles. Though it's intuitive to paint wallpaper in each of your rooms, don't forget to "paint" stone, brick or other tiles on the exterior walls; otherwise your house will look unfinished from the outside. When you're done with the building, clicking the roof lets you choose a style to automatically cover the house.

Modifying Terrain

  • Once you get the hang of crafting luxury homes with the Build Mode tools, the only thing left is the terrain. You can reshape the part that isn't taken up by a barbecue patio, swimming pool or a fountain centerpiece into slopes, painted with new textures or have earthy decorations placed upon it. If you plan to create slopes underneath your home, keeping the raised land in an L or U shape gives you the most freedom for placing a foundation.

Editing Town Lots

  • Your Sim's home isn't the only building subject to your creativity. Opening the Options menu by clicking the ellipses in the bottom left corner or pressing "F5" lets you click "Edit Town." You may need to save your game before continuing. In Edit Mode, you can select any lot on the town map and modify it just like you would your family's home. Remember to add small touches to your store while building, such as decor and items like bookshelves and additional seating.

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