How to Obtain a Voidwalker in "World of Warcraft"


Standing between their dark masters and harmful foes, the stalwart Voidwalker is one of the Warlock's most basic minions -- but also, one of their most needed. The Voidwalker minion serves Warlocks as a tank, intercepting foes and keeping their attention. Obtaining this mainstay of the Warlock's entourage is easy, but mastering its use requires some practice and forethought.

Summon Voidwalker and Voidwalker Abilities

  • Warlocks learn Summon Voidwalker at level 8. Voidwalkers have four abilities that they use in their role as tank. Torment is a basic shadow attack, while Suffering taunts the enemy. Shadow Bulwark grants the Voidwalker 30 percent of its maximum health for 20 seconds. Shadow Shield reduces physical damage taken by the Voidwalker by 60 percent for 30 seconds, and deals shadow damage when the Voidwalker is hit, reducing its damage reduction by 20 percent per hit.

When to Use a Voidwalker

  • Voidwalkers serve you best when you're running solo, particularly in high-level areas. As a tank, the Voidwalker is tough and holds off threats well, although at higher gear levels it may not be able to keep threats off of you. You should never have a Voidwalker out when running with a group that has an actual tank, as it will constantly try to taunt enemies away from the tank. Voidwalker damage is also not strong enough for them to be viable as a DPS pet when you have an actual tank.

Survival Talents

  • Level 45 talents are designed to mitigate damage, with two of them depending on your Voidwalker. Soul Link passively splits 20 percent of all damage between you and the Voidwalker, while causing 3 percent of the damage you deal to heal you both. Sacrificial Pact sacrifices 20 percent of your Voidwalker's current health to shield you for 400 percent of the health sacrificed. The Voidwalker's larger health pool enables it to weather both of these effects more easily than other minions.

Grimoires of Service and Supremacy

  • At level 75, Warlocks can pick one of three Grimoire talents. Grimoire of Service temporarily summons a second demon for 20 seconds, enabling you to use another minion to help kill the enemy with burst damage, or to summon a Voidwalker to briefly taunt the enemy and give your other minion a break. Grimoire of Supremacy upgrades all your minions, turning the Voidwalker into the tougher and more resilient Voidlord.

Grimoires of Sacrifice and Synergy

  • Destruction and Affliction Warlocks also have access to Grimoire of Sacrifice at level 75, enabling them to sacrifice their demon to gain increased spell damage and 2 percent of their maximum health regenerated every second. They also gain one of their minion's abilities to use with the Command Demon spell; the Voidlord grants them Shadow Bulwark. Demonology Warlocks can take Grimoire of Synergy, which grants a chance upon a hit for either the Warlock or Voidwalker to buff the other with Demonic Synergy, increasing their damage by 15 percent for 15 seconds.

Useful Glyphs

  • There is really only one glyph that is useful for the Voidwalker: Glyph of Demonic Training. This major glyph adds some additional buffs to your minion, adding an extra 10 percent armor to your Voidwalker. This bonus armor increases its resistance to physical damage and makes it a little hardier against tough foes.

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