How to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond


Ditto is the the Transform Pokémon. He can take on the shape of any other Pokémon and acquire all their moves in battle. He does not evolve and has no gender. He is very rare in the Pokémon Diamond game but can be obtained after you have beaten the Elite 4 at the Pokémon League and have received the National Pokédex and Poké Radar from Professor Rowan back at his lab in Sandgem town.

Things You'll Need

  • National Pokédex and Poké Radar Key Item
  • Go to Canalave City, then travel east, back through the connecting building to Route 218.

  • Go to the grassy area right outside the building and activate the Poké Radar in the Key Items bag.

  • Look for a bit of grass that is rustling. Walk into that patch of grass to engage the Pokémon in battle.

  • Move around to recharge the Poké Radar if the Pokémon you encounter is not Ditto and try again. Because Ditto is so rare, you need to be patient and keep using the radar and checking the rustling grass until a Ditto appears.

  • Use a Quick Ball if you have one to catch Ditto without needing to battle him. He is around Level 29 when you meet him.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a Max Repel to avoid other wild Pokémon in the grass while looking for the Ditto and while you are recharging the Poké Radar. These steps also apply to Pokémon Pearl.

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