How to Draw a Wolf Face


Wolves are a type of wild dog, and actually share a common ancestry with today's domesticated dog. Because of this, drawing wolves is similar to drawing a domesticated dog. Wolves have appeared often in Native American art, as the culture draws connections between the wolf and the wolf pack and their own families.

  • Draw an upside-down heart. Draw two rounded triangles on the left and right side of the point of the heart. This is the general shape of the wolf's face and ears.

  • Draw a shield-shaped border around the head and ears of the wolf face. Draw a gourd shape, straight down from between the two ears and meeting just below the heart shape. Draw a line starting from the left side of the gourd and paralleling it, ending at the bottom of the heart shape. Draw the mirror image of this line on the right side of the gourd shape. Draw a curved pattern, mimicking the pattern on the wolf's face (guide available from the link in Resources), between the gourd shape and the sides of the upside down heart. You have now drawn the snout and marked out the wolf's face pattern.

  • Draw the wolf's nose in the space where the gourd shape curves below the heart. Draw a "W" shape under the nose for the wolf's mouth. Draw the almond-shaped eyes on either side of the snout, curving slightly upwards on the outside of the eyes. Look at the ears in the wolf face image, and try to copy the pattern where the ears look the darkest. There is a general line around the perimeter of each ear, and the innermost part of the ear is also darkest.

  • Color in the darkest part of the wolf face. This includes the nose, mouth, around the edge of the ear, the inside of the ear, and parts of the eyes and brow line.

  • Shade in the medium and lighter shades of the wolf face, and leave the lightest parts of the pattern blank. The lightest parts are just above the wolf's eyes and on the side of the wolf's snout.

  • Draw four whiskers on either side of the wolf's nose. Draw some short, dense lines around the wolf's face to make the wolf face look furrier.

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