How to Choose the Best Clickbank Product To Promote


Clickbank is an aggregate site that groups together hundreds of different digital products that you can choose to sell. Search through the site and pick an ebook or information packet you want to promote. When someone clicks on the product's landing page through your link and buys, you earn a commission. With all the products offered on Clickbank, it may seem like a daunting task to choose one that is right for you. Following a few simple rules can increase the odds of making money with Clickbank.

Look for a product in your subject of interest. To promote any Clickbank product you will have to write about it on many different venues. If you choose a product that has something to do with one of your hobbies or interests, it will be easier to find different aspects of the subject to write. Choosing a subject that you have no knowledge of requires extensive research, which could result in writing articles that bore you.

Get a copy of the product for review. Write to the product owner and ask if he gives review copies. Product writers will often offer a sample or a sample portion to potential affiliates. Read through the sample product carefully. Decide if this product is one you can believe in. If the ebook seems like too much hype or is abundant with misinformation, skip it and move on to the next one on the list.

Study the landing page for this particular product. Find out where you go when you click on the links on the page. If you go to an email sign-up page instead of directly to the product sales page, this can lose you sales. Any customer that goes to the email link instead of the sales link, then buys the product from the email, doesn't garner you a commission. If readers have any option other than buying when they reach the landing page you can lose sales on this product.

Trust your instincts. If something seems too good to be true or sounds like a scam, don't go with it no matter what glowing reviews you read. While there are a lot of legitimate products on Clickbank with a lot of useful information, it's inevitable that there will be some untrustworthy people on the site. If you promote a product that gets a lot of refund requests, a significant amount of your commissions is at risk. Clickbank will deduct the funds from your account before you get the check in the mail.

Choose a product with gravity in the middle or lower. Gravity on Clickbank is a measure of the popularity of a product. Extremely high gravity products sell a lot every day, but the competition can be brutal. A lot of the diet ebooks fall under this category. On the other hand, products with low gravity don't garner as many sales each month, but there is relatively less competition. A lower gravity product may simply be new, and might grow to something much larger in time, getting you in on the ground floor.

Choose the product with the higher commission if everything else looks equal. Often this is the deciding factor between two products. If both seem about the same and you can honestly promote either one with the same amount of enthusiasm, choose the one with the higher rate of return.

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