How to Build a Lake House


Many people have a dream of of building a lake house and living peacefully next to a calm lake.

Although building a house next to a lake could sound like a relaxing vacation or retirement home, it is more complicated and costly to build a lake house than you might think.

Read the steps below for a general idea of how to build a lake house. This article is meant to give you a general overview of major steps involved. Be sure to consult with a more detailed guide before you actually begin your lake house building.

Find a lake where you would like to build your lake house or cabin

You must find real estate near a lake that you would like to purchase. Expect land near a lake to be quite costly in populated cities and adjoining suburbs. You might have to move out to an unpopulated location in order to find land next to a lake that is within your price range.

Ensure that the land you are buying near the lake has the proper building requirements

Before buying any lake or land near a lake, be sure to have the land evaluated by an expert to find out if there are any problems with the lake or the land in terms of building.

Contact authorities regarding permits, zoning & utilities

You must arrange with the proper authorities zoning permits, building permits, electricity, water, plumbing, gas, etc.

Decide what type of lake home you are planning to build

Do you want to build a house? Do you want to build a multi-unit apartment? Do you want to build a log cabin? Besides the type of lake house you plan on building, you must also decide how large and what floor plan you would like for your lake house.

Before proceeding to build your lake house, be sure to learn up on different building styles and options so that you make the most educated decision.

Find someone to build your lake house

Unless you are an experienced builder yourself, you will want to hire a building contractor to build the lake house for you. Make sure the builder has experience in the type of lake house or log cabin you plan on building.

Buy a lake home kit and additional supplies

You can buy a kit that includes lake house plans along with supplies you need to build it. Alternatively, you can design the lake home yourself (along with a professional designer) and purchase all supplies yourself.

If you use a kit, be sure to find out what is included in the kit. Buy whatever supplies are not included in the kit separately.

Prepare the land and build your lake house

Finally, have the contractor prepare the land and build the lake house. Anticipate extra building expenses and delays along the way. Be sure the house is in livable condition before you move in.

Tips & Warnings

  • This is a general idea of how to build a lake house. Be sure to research thoroughly further before buying lake land or building your lake house.

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