How to View Your California DMV Driving Record

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View Your California DMV Driving Record

It is relatively easy to be able to view your California DMV Driving Record. Your driving record is a important personal record that can say a lot about you to insurance agencies and future employers. Make sure you view your driving record periodically to ensure that there are no false records or other issues to destroy your credibility. Follow the easy steps listed in this article to get started so you can view your California DMV driving record.


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      Your California driving record will have to be obtained in person at a DMV office or see Step 5 for a way to get your driving record through the mail. You will need to set up an appointment at one of the DMV offices. Before you set up your appointment you must have your California driver's license or identification card and a phone number where the DMV can reach you.

      To set up an appointment go to the DMV online appointment section of the website (a hyperlink is also provided below under resources):

      Click on the "Office Visit Appointment" bar.

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      If you need to know the closest DMV office to you, go to the following link (a hyperlink is also provided below under resources):

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      Next fill our the California DMV appointment system form. You will need to select the office where you want to make the appointment to receive your driving record. Fill out all portions of the form and select the available date and time for the appointment. Appointments at the DMV office can be made up to 30 days in advance. Appointments for the same day cannot be made.

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      When you go to the DMV office you will either need to bring in Form INF 1125 or get a form while you are there. Form INF 1125 is the form used by the DMV for people to request their driver's license records. You will be asked to present your identification in order to process the form. The cost is $5.00. You can pay by cash, check, money order, or
      ATM/Debit card. Credit cards are not accepted at the DMV offices.

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      You can also go to the DMV website and download Form INF 1125 at (a hyperlink is also provided below under resources):

      If you have the time to wait you can request you driving record from the DMV by U.S. mail.

      First, prepare a written request, including your name, date of birth, social security number, California driver license number, and your signature, along with a check or money order for $5, and mail to:

      Department of Motor Vehicles
      Office of Information Services
      Public Operations Unit G199
      P. O. BOX 944247
      Sacramento, California 94244-2470

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      Once you are able to view your California driving record, if you find errors, there is a procedure in order to correct your record.

      You will need to request for Amendment of a Record, by completing a Driver License Record Correction Request (Traffic Violations/Convictions Only) (DL 207) or Traffic Accident Record Correction Request (Traffic Accident Information Only) (DL 208).

      Download the form at the DMV website, call (800)777-0133 to have one mailed to you, or pick one up at any DMV field office.

      Do not wait, keep your California driving record clean if you view any errors after the DMV releases your records.

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