How to Print to PDF in Vista

PDF (portable document format) is a file format that allows you to "print" files to your computer as electronic images. PDFs can be viewed, edited and forwarded to others. Before you can use PDFs in Windows Vista you must have the appropriate plug-in.


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      Check to make sure you don't have print-to-PDF capabilities already. Open a Word document and select the option to print. If you see Cute PDF Writer as a printer option, you already have print-to-PDF capabilities. Next open a new document and select the Save As option. If you see an option that reads "PDF" or "XPS," you already have print-to-PDF capabilities.

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      Download Microsoft's free print-to-PDF add-in. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the add-in.

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      Open a document in Microsoft Word. Select Save As. An option should come up for "PDF" or "XPS." Select this option and save the file (with a different name from the original if you want to keep a copy in Word). When you reopen the file using this new name, it should be in PDF format.

Tips & Warnings

  • The print to PDF options listed in step 1 ("Cute PDF Writer" and "PDF or XPS") do not include all methods for printing to PDF in Vista. These are just the most common.

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