How to Take Apart an XBox 360 Controller


Although the average would never have a reason to open their Xbox 360 controller you may want to take it apart to attempt to fix a broken piece, modify the internal components or apply your own custom paint job. The controller can be taken apart fairly quickly, but it does require a specialized type of screwdriver to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Torx screwdriver with security bit
  • Unplug the controller from your Xbox 360 console and turn it over so that the back half is facing upwards towards you. Put your fingernail underneath the edge of the sticker that has a bar code on it and pull it upwards to reveal a screw. Use an X-acto knife or other razor to cut out the area directly above the screw if you can't get the sticker off without tearing it and leaving the sticky residue behind.

  • Use a Torx screwdriver with a security bit that has a square peg in the middle to remove the screw under the sticker.

  • Repeat the process with the other six screws located on the edges of the back of the Xbox 360 controller and set them aside in a container so that they don't roll away. Pull the bottom half of the controller up and away from the top half.

  • Pick up the circular metal pieces on the bottom right and left corners of the controller that have wires connected to the circuit board and set them outside of the controller on the bottom edge.

  • Grab the top and bottom ends of the circuit board and carefully pull the whole unit up just far enough to be clear of the casing. Then set the unit below the case.

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