How to Make a Simple, Cheap Mosaic


If you are new to the world of making mosaic crafts, making a wall hanging is the way to start. It is inexpensive and simple. You can make a religious, humorous or even just a patterned wall hanging.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden plaque
  • Hot glue
  • White paint
  • Colored glass pieces in random shapes, or pieces of a broken dish
  • Pencil
  • Paint the plaque with the white paint. This is your base color. You don't have to use white. However, it tends to bring out whatever colors you put on it, so it is a good choice.

  • Write in pencil what you want the wall hanging to say. For example, we'll say the word is "faith." You don't have to worry if it is very light, because no one will see the pencil mark once you are finished.

  • Select the color you are going to use for the word, and place all the pieces of glass or pottery you have in that color to one side. Also choose what your surrounding color will be, and put those pieces aside as well.

  • Apply hot glue to a piece of the letter glass and place it on the first letter. Continue this process until you have spelled out the whole word in pieces of one color. Don't choose pieces that line up perfectly, and leave some space between each piece.

  • Repeat this process on the spaces around the letters using the other colored pieces. Continue until the whole plaque is covered with pieces except for thin pathways between the pieces.

  • Allow the plaque and hot glue to dry for about an hour. When you look at the plaque, you should be able to focus on the word while noticing the pretty mosaic effect.

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