How to Build a Keg Tap


The first part of the process of building your own bar is to build a keg tap. You will have to determine the size of the keg and also the type of couplers and components you will need ahead of time. Make sure everything fits together before assembling. And remember, you are working with CO2 and other components that may cause a mess in your basement if not connected properly. Make sure to take that into consideration when building your keg tap.

Things You'll Need

  • Door Spacer
  • Faucet Handle
  • Faucet
  • Shank
  • Beer Line Jumper
  • Keg Coupler
  • CO2 Tank
  • Regulator
  • Air Line Jumper
  • A Drip Tray
  • Beer Line Cleaning Kits
  • Drill and Bits
  • a refrigerator.
  • Drill a shank hole into the front of the refrigerator and also holes for the drip tray. Install the drip tray prior to drilling the shank hole for the tap. You want to drill the shank hole just above halfway up on the refrigerator door, or really wherever the most convenient place to receive plentiful glasses of beer. Run a hose from the drip tray down into a bottle or jar inside the kegerator where you can collect beer runoff and pitch it later.

  • Mount the faucet and shank assembly through the shank hole you drilled into the front of the refrigerator. Make sure the faucet and shank are locked down tightly. Make sure to turn the shank assembly counter clockwise to tighten.

  • Mount the CO2 regulator and pressure hose connection. Put the CO2 cylinder and regulator in one corner of the refrigerator. Try to keep it in an upright position so it will operate correctly, and then secure it with a chain. Connect the hose to the keg coupler.

  • Keg pressure and tapping. Open the CO2 valve to full and then turn the CO2 pressure clockwise. Make sure the regulator valve is in the "on" position. To tap the keg you must align the lugs on the keg with the ramp on the bottom of the coupler. Pull the plastic handle up, depress it, and then put the handle in the "lock" position.

Tips & Warnings

  • Part of the fun of building your own bar is making the components of the bar yourself. Doing it yourself brings you a feeling of pride and lays the groundwork for many great memories to come. It gives the bar spirit and will always be a part of you!

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