How to Remove Tire Studs


Inserting tire studs into a tire is not exactly a fun job. However, it offers a bit more selection than having to tediously remove one tire stud after another. There is no easy, cut-and-dry way to do it. There are no tire stud removal tools. Tire studs have flat heads much like nails, and are set into the predrilled stud holes in the tread of a tire. A stud gun spreads the hole and inserts the stud by pressing the trigger. There is nothing to reverse this procedure other than a pair of dikes, a lot of time on your hands and lots of tenacity.

Things You'll Need

  • Long-handled dikes Chair
  • Sit down in a chair and make yourself comfortable.

  • Grab the long-handled dikes (needlenosed pliers will not work) and pull the tire towards you so it is standing flat on its tread.

  • Insert the tip of the dikes gently into the stud hole and grip the tire stud. Try not to cut into the tread of the tire. Grip the stud near the top, but down onto the shaft of the stud. Trying to extract it from the carbide tip will not work.

  • Pry/pull the stud out with the dikes applying equal parts of caution and determination.

  • Work your way all the way around the tread of the tire to extract each stud. Some tires can take well over 100 studs. That's why you're sitting in a chair.

Tips & Warnings

  • A good quality pair of long-handled cutting dikes are just about the best friend you can have to help you accomplish this task. A set with a narrow cutting head is even better.

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