How to Lose Chubby Cheeks


When you were younger, you were told you had the face of a cherub. But now that you're older, you don't necessarily want to look so angelic. If you have a naturally round face, there's not much you can do to eliminate your chubby cheeks; however, if their chubbiness has gotten more pronounced due to weight gain, you do have options. Losing weight and fat and toning up your muscles will not only slim down your body, but your face, as well.

  • Tone your face. There is no such thing as spot reduction, but you can tone the muscles in your face, which will make it look firmer and slimmer. A word of caution, you may feel rather silly doing these exercises. Some of the ones that work your cheeks include the smiling fish face. Pucker your lips so that you look like a fish, and then try to smile. The lion face involves contracting and releasing your muscles. Pull your face into a grimace, contracting all your facial muscles, then release your muscles, stretching them as much as possible by sticking out your tongue and opening your mouth wide. The satchmo simply involves filling your cheeks with air and then releasing. Be patient with these exercises; you won't get overnight results.

  • Tone your body. While doing facial exercises will tone your chubby cheeks, you still need to lose overall body fat. To do this you need to do some form of cardio, and it's best to do one you enjoy so that you will actually do it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting at least 150 minutes per week (that's 30 minutes a day for five days) of moderate intensity aerobic activity. To lose fat, you may need to increase your exercise time or the intensity. The CDC also recommends doing strength training two days a week to build muscle strength and tone, which will help you burn calories more efficiently.

  • Watch what you eat. That doesn't mean cut out all the foods you love and eat salads for every meal. It means eating healthy. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Switch from refined sugars and processed flours to whole-grain, high-fiber options. Eat brown rice instead of white rice and wheat bread instead of white bread. Reduce the amount of saturated and trans fats in your diet. These are found in red meat, whole-milk dairy products and a host of processed, pre-packaged foods. Eat lean proteins such chicken and fish. Switch to low-fat -- or nonfat -- dairy products. And drink water instead of sugary drinks.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch your sodium intake. It can cause you to retain water and make your cheeks look fuller.
  • Before beginning any diet or exercise program, consult with your physician as to what is an appropriate program for you.

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