How to Do Romantic Things For Your Girlfriend

The key to a woman's heart is romance. Put simply, romance is taking the time to make her feel special and show her how much she means to you. Here are some ideas that you use to show your girlfriend just how romantic you can be.


    • 1

      Leave notes all over the place - Women love surprises, big or small. This one is great because it is essentially free and can be used over and over with a little creativity. Hide them where she will find them at times when you won't be around and she won't be expecting them. Write as little or as much as you feel. Write poetry or draw silly little pictures. Make her laugh or make her swoon, or a little of both!

    • 2

      Create a treasure hunt - The only thing better than a surprise is the anticipation of one. Challenge her with coded messages or riddles to lead to one or many little (or big, depending on your budget) surprises. She will appreciate the effort that you put into the hunt as much, or maybe even more, than the tangible surprises.

    • 3

      Cook a meal for her & then clean the dishes afterwards - Prepare her favorite meal and serve it to her at a fancy table setting. Use candles, romantic music, and perhaps an outdoor setting to make it even more special. After dinner, take care of clean-up and no matter how much she insists, don't let her help.

    • 4

      Make a romantic compilation CD for her - Select songs that are 'your' songs or songs that you feel are romantic or describe how you feel about her. Create personalized notes and pictures to go with each song to make an insert to include in the CD case.

    • 5

      Give her a foot massage - Women love to be pampered. Offer to massage her feet while soothing music plays in the background and she sips her favorite relaxing drink whether it be tea, coffee, cocoa, wine, or a diet coke.

    • 6

      Take her on a picnic - Pack up a blanket and food into a basket and take her to a nice park or beach for an intimate meal in a beautiful setting. To make it extra romantic, time it around sunset or the rise of a full moon.

    • 7

      Ask her about her day and then LISTEN - It's as simple as that. Undivided attention is priceless, yet free to give. She deserves plenty!

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