How to Hide Your Identity Online


Anonymity is especially important on the Internet, where many sites ask for personal information and many people want to abuse it. Hiding your identity can prevent you from receiving spam and harassment, and in more extreme cases, can prevent people from stealing your identity. You can hide your identity and prevent anyone from knowing your personal information by using a few simple tools to prevent even site administrators from seeing your details.

  • Create an email address that you will use for Internet accounts where you intend to remain anonymous. Don't add your real name or other personal information to that account. You can create more than one address for this purpose if you don't want your anonymous accounts to be linked to each other.

  • Create unique, original usernames that don't use your real name or any other personal information. You can use anything from inanimate objects or locations to random combinations of letters and numbers. If you use an original username and don't add any additional information to your account, no one will be able to tell who you are.

  • Hide your IP address by using a proxy, such as Proxify, Public CGI or An IP address is like a physical address that tells websites your general location. Using a proxy tells the website that you are accessing from another location; for example, if you are in the U.S. but use a proxy that has an IP address in Germany, the website thinks you are browsing from Germany.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can find a large and constantly updated list of proxies at
  • Anonymity is not an excuse to do anything illegal or abuse your lack of identity. Browse safely and follow the rules of the sites you browse.

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