How to Increase the Fuel Efficiency of a Nissan Titan


Nissan introduced the Titan as its truck to compete with Ford and Chevrolet in the United States. Offering a comparable engine size and performance output, the new Nissan Titan truck comes with Nissan's history of reliable power from an engine produced after years of design and production improvements. Every factory produced vehicle in America has performance add-ons that can improve such things as power and efficiency. One area that can be improved upon is gas mileage. Increase the fuel efficiency of a Nissan Titan with the addition of a high-flow air filter kit for easy, bolt-on power and added fuel economy. One easy to install kit is made for the Nissan Titan by Gale Banks Engineering (see the link in Resources). Bolt this kit on the engine and get more miles for every gallon you put inside the tank.

Things You'll Need

  • Nissan Titan Gale Banks Ram Air Intake System Utility Knife Screwdriver Wrench Pliers
  • Disconnect the electrical system at the battery. Remove the battery cables from the battery and secure away from the battery with tie downs or wire. Locate the vehicle in a well-lit work area so that you can keep parts and debris from the exposed engine parts. Locate the stock factory-installed air box and air tube that connects to the intake manifold at the front of the engine bay. Disconnect the airflow sensor from the stock air box tube. Remove the entire air box and tubing from the engine compartment and discard appropriately.

  • Clean the intake manifold neck that will receive the Banks Ram Air system high-flow tubing. Use carburetor cleaner and a utility knife to remove any build up of sealant left behind from the factory air box. Wipe down the exposed engine compartment that the old air box was concealing. Find the mounting location for the new Banks Ram Air kit and secure the mounting bracket for the new system in place.

  • Secure the outlet of the new air kit tubing to the intake manifold neck of the Nissan Titan's motor. Use a screwdriver to secure the flexible elbow around the intake opening. Fasten the intake kit to the mounting bracket using the screw fasteners that locate the new intake in position over the engine. The position of the intake and new air filter should be near the entrance of cool air from under the front bumper and wheel well.

  • Connect the airflow sensor into the Banks Ram Air filter kit. Check all fasteners and clamps around the air intake of the engine and the filter into the Banks Ram Air high-flow tubing. Connecting these parts securely adds to the efficiency of the new equipment after installation. The addition of this new, less-restrictive air filtration system will add up to 10 miles per gallon when added to a Nissan Titan that has been getting poor mileage because of a clogged air filter and low air flow. Gain an average of five miles per gallon when installed on a new vehicle.

  • Increase the Titan's fuel efficiency by maintaining proper tire pressures at all times. When the weather gets cold, the tire pressure will change. When the weather is warm, the tire pressure will change. Have a handy tire pressure gauge and check three times a week for the best operating pressure while driving. This simple procedure can add another five miles per gallon when done consistently.

Tips & Warnings

  • Purchase a cleaning kit with the Gale Banks Ram Air kit for a Nissan Titan. That way you can recharge the filter unit when needed without waiting for a cleaning kit to arrive from the company. Cover the high-flow filter with a filter cover to add more filtration and protection for the new intake system.
  • Always discard automotive waste accordingly. Most products can be recycled. Prevent long lasting environmental damage by recycling hazardous materials from auto and truck applications.

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