How to Make a Scarface Costume


Al Pacino blew away the audience -- before he was blown away himself -- in the movie "Scarface." Pacino starred as rough-and-tumble Cuban immigrant Tony Montana, a man who climbed up the drug ladder of success and made his mark in the world. This "Scarface" character makes for a great costume, and it is easy to create with a few props, supplies and the right haircut.

Things You'll Need

  • Suit with wide lapels and slightly bell-bottomed pants
  • Shiny, button-down shirt
  • Gold chains with at least one medallion
  • Toy assault rifle
  • Wig or scissors and hair gel
  • Reddish-brown eyeliner
  • Create the main outfit. Get a suit with wide lapels and slightly bell-bottomed pants to wear with a shiny, collared shirt. Visit the nearest thrift, vintage or used clothing store. If you can't find a full suit, opt for a separate jacket and pants -- but make sure they are the same color. All black or all white works best, either solid or with a subtle pinstripe. The shirt should be a contrasting hue and also have wide lapels.

  • Accessorize. Keep the top of the shirt unbuttoned and open wide to show of the one to five large, gold chains you put around your neck. Make sure at least one of these chains has a gaudy medallion. Best bets are some type of religious symbol, although you could get away with a name medallion as long as it says "Tony." Other gold, gaudy jewelry for the wrist and fingers is optional. Get gaudy, cheap gold at a pawn shop, thrift store or via a bubble gum machine. It doesn't have to be real gold.

  • Arm yourself. An assault rifle is definitely in order, since Scarface spends most of his time in the movie blowing someone away. Check toy stores, military shops or online for an imitation automatic weapon that matches Scarface's style.

  • Fix your hair. Scarface is notorious for his bowl-like haircut, complete with short, choppy bangs. You can easily reproduce this look with a pair of shears or a short-haired wig. You can also slick your existing haircut by combing your hair straight down with gel in it to see how close to the look you already come without a cut or wig.

  • Make the subtle scar. Scarface got his name in the first place because of the scar on his left cheek. Take a reddish-brown eyeliner pencil and draw a slightly jagged line down the center of your left cheek. Start at the center of the cheekbone; go down and slightly toward the ear about 2 inches. Smudge the pencil line gently with your fingertip.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice mannerisms and phrases. Scarface liked to strut and was quick with the gun. He also liked to swear a lot and call people "cock-a-roaches."
  • Create your own fake chains by linking paper clips or key rings and spray painting them gold. Add a medallion by spray painting a flat, round Christmas ornament and hanging it on your chain.
  • Make your own bell bottoms by altering a more modern pair of slacks. Cut a slit up to the knee from the bottom of each leg and sew in a triangle-shaped piece of the same fabric to create a wider cuff.

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