How to Put on Scarecrow Face Makeup


Scarecrows have been around for generations, not only as props in farmers' fields as a way to keep crop-destroying birds away, but as central movie characters. Scarecrows are also popular Halloween staples. Learn how to put on a scarecrow face that will impress your friends and family and keep the crows away at the same time.

Things You'll Need

  • Face makeup (brown, gold, red, black and orange)
  • Black or brown lipstick
  • Black eyeliner
  • Brown eyeliner
  • Farmer's hat
  • Straw
  • Glue
  • Burlap sack
  • Decide which type of scarecrow character you'd like to portray. Scarecrows can be funny, endearing or scary. The makeup you use for these scarecrow types will be the same, but the scarecrow type you choose to portray will dictate how the colors are applied and blended. Orange will play a more important role for funny or endearing character types, while brown, black and gold blended will produce a darker visual effect.

  • Apply the orange makeup first. For a light-hearted effect, cover the face completely with a good layer of the orange makeup. Use only light streaks of the orange. If you want to achieve a darker, scarier look, allowing some of your skin tone to show through. Apply the makeup with the tips of two fingers, using broad strokes to get a smooth finish.

  • Use light strokes of brown makeup over the orange for a friendlier effect. For the creepy scarecrow effect, you'll want to blend the gold and brown makeup over the orange to achieve a darker face. Use light, random streaks of black makeup to create a worn, dirty effect.

  • Trace black lines under the rim of the eyes to bring them out. If you want a more frightening look, use black makeup under the eyes to create a hollow, dead effect. Apply the black makeup a little at a time, using different pressure to achieve a blended appearance. A few random straw pieces applied to your face will create a nice touch.

  • Paint your lips with black or brown lipstick. You can use a lighter color for the friendlier scarecrow effect. Outline your lips with black or brown eyeliner. Go around the outline a couple of times to enhance the effect. Apply a little red makeup at the rim of your eyes if you want to add an even creepier touch. A few light black lines from the corner of each eye or a light black smudge will deepen the effect.

  • Use the black eyeliner pencil to draw triangular stitching over the mouth. Don't worry about perfection. The more jagged you draw the stitching, the more realistic the effect will be. Add random lines of black around the corners of the mouth to create the look of loose stitching.

  • Glue straw pieces around the brim of a farmer's straw hat. Make the straw pieces long enough they will hang down in your face. You can alternate between gluing single strands to the hat and several strands clumped together. The non-uniform look will enhance the realistic appearance of the final costume.

  • Use a burlap mask for a different look. This is optional. You can cut a large eye hole out of the burlap sack. Darken the eye that will be visible with black makeup. If you plan to use the burlap sack, you can concentrate your makeup work only on the part of your face that will be visible through the eye hole.

  • Put your hat on, with or without the burlap sack addition, and finish the costume with a pair of worn coveralls or torn jeans, some straw stuffing, a length of rope as a belt and work boots. This will create a full-effect scarecrow costume worthy of any farmer's field.

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