How to Draw a Motorcycle


Motorcycles are fast, slick and have a reputation for danger. Drawing your own motorcycle is the perfect way to learn how to design your own or play with any potential color schemes you might be thinking of for a paint job. While at first glance drawing a motorcycle can seem a bit overwhelming, it is in fact a lot easier once you isolate the major shapes. For instance, the basic body of a motor cycle is simply two wheels connected by a body made from a trapezoid. Once you become comfortable with this, drawing a motorcycle will seem much less daunting.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Black ink pen
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Draw two circles about 5 inches apart. Draw a trapezoid with the right side larger than the left for the body of the motorcycle.

  • Add a diagonal rectangle coming off the upper left hand body of the motor cycle. Add a sideways triangle to the top right of this shape for the headlight. Add a cylinder to the top left of this shape for the handle bars.

  • Add the seat and storage trunk with a rectangle coming off the back of the motorcycle. The seat can be made with a trapezoid extending into the left-hand side of the top body of the motorcycle. Add an oblong oval that is wider on the right-hand side for the gas tanks. This should be between the seat and the handle bars.

  • Add long tube that starts at the bottom of the seat and curves around into a straight line that extends past the back of the back wheel for the exhaust pipe. Draw two upside down triangles side by side with rectangles on top of them for the engine. Place this directly under the gas tank.

  • Add a parallel line that in the shape of a reverse "S" inside the storage/seat area to create the seat padding. Add a small curved line to the top of the seat to illustrate the front section of the seat dipping down.

  • Add small circles inside the wheels. Add lines pointing outward to create the spokes in the tires. Draw a curved shape above the front tire for a splatter guard. Add a square on the back of the bike for a tail light. Draw small curved triangular shapes around the outside of the tires for treads.

  • Erase any overlapping guidelines. Ink the entire drawing. Allow the ink to dry, and carefully erase the pencil lines.

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  • Photo Credit Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt
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